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Where, What, Why?


So this is Chapter One of our brand new Blog!

To begin with, we thought it would be beneficial to kick things off with a Where, What, Why Blog.


So, where are we based? We are headquartered in Ilkeston, Derbyshire (DE7 8DY) Just off the M1 Junction 25/26 so very central to the UK. Also minutes away from East Midlands Airport (just in case a plane is involved). We are able to help anywhere in the UK, and further if required.


So what do we do? Very simply, we provide ePOS (till) solutions that use Apple devices, so iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

There are many different ePOS solutions that use iPad, so we have chosen the best that can be offered in this country, providing amazing software, robust support and businesses that invest time and effort into the UK.


Lightspeed is a Canadian business that in 2019 went Public (Toronto Stock Exchange) and has been growing ever since. From the their beginnings in 2005, Apple was the underlining hardware that was chosen to be used (so many people tried to push them to PC) and they provide Cloud-Based solutions for Restaurants, Retail and eCommerce. Have a look on our page for more info on Lightspeed:


A New Zealand Based business, providing iPad based ePOS solutions since 2010. Mainly for the Retail sector, Vend has an amazing iPad app making it so easy for all sorts of customers, from Department stores to pop-up locations, and more to utilise their solution. Click on our page for more info on Vend:

Our Services

We try and be a consultant in this process, whether you are a new business or existing and moving to a new ePOS. We are there to discuss your current painpoints and provide demos of the software. And then setting up the system, configuring the hardware and training your staff.


The ePOS market can be very saturated with the PC systems in the UK, so we decided to stick to one area, so Apple was our choice. We have over 9 years experience within this sector, so its beneficial to continue with this. We love working with all types of businesses and seeing how their business improves with the reporting functions and ease of using the solutions for training new staff.

We ensure that we are fully trained on the Software we provide to our customers, with new updates, sending feedback for roadmap requests and certification requirements, including partner summits.

Why not give us a call, email or message us on the website to have a chat about your business and requirements?

Telephone - 07710543884

email -

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