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A little bit about Lightspeed


Lightspeed was established in Montreal, Canada in 2005. Originally an Apple Mac based Retail Point of Sale, they have received numerous global investments to become what they are today. Lightspeed provide Cloud based solutions for thousands of businesses worldwide from Retail businesses such as Bike shops, to high end fashion stores. And also Hospitality businesses from your local restaurant, to Restaurants and bars in hotels. With the recent announcement of going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Lightspeed has a global presence with offices around the world and is a solution not to overlook when choosing an ePOS for your business.


Lightspeed are seen as disrupters of the market and are frequently removing older clunky systems. The benefit of going with Lightspeed is that you can have the POS and choose what reporting software, inventory management, loyalty, employee scheduling etc. You are not forced into how you should run your business. 

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Lightspeed Restaurant

The ePOS at the core of everything you do.

No matter how crazy your day gets, your ePOS will always keep you in control and help your staff stay efficient.

  • Custom floor plans

  • Menu and modifier management

  • Timed events

  • Workflow and printer management

  • Staff management

Lightspeed Retail

Start with the ePOS and build up.

  • Centralise purchasing and save time by ordering from integrated catalogs

  • Sell bundled, serialised or unique items and easily manage multiple variations

  • Track unit costs, dusty inventory data, and get low-stock alerts